Baccarat Books

Before You Buy Gambling Books

  • Define what you want to learn
  • Determine your skill level
  • Think about the price
  • Look up info about the authors

Famous Authors

Read about Akio Kashiwagi, known for his incredible winnings and losses at baccarat table.

Editor's Choice Baccarat Book

The Baccarat Battle Book   by Frank Scoblete

  • Enthusiastic and fun layout
  • Big volume of basic game play information
  • Discussions on advantageous techniques, count systems and strategies

This book is a definite 'must read' for serious baccarat players. It is definitely one of the most comprehensive books on the subject.

Recommended books for gamblers

For Beginners

The Basics Of Winning Baccarat
Avery Cardoza         Category: Baccarat         Price on Amazon: $4.95

This is a comprehensive guide to baccarat that explains the basics starting from baccarat rules, variations to baccarat betting and card counting strategies. He also gives profound explanation of the variations of baccarat.

For Advanced Players

John Patrick's Baccarat: How to Play and Win at the Table With the Fastest Action and the Highest Stakes
John Patrick         Category: Baccarat         Price on Amazon: $14.21

A legendary figure in the world of gambling, John Patrick, wrote the book on baccarat in which he divulges his playing secrets like the odds, principles of money management, Martingale and 1-2-2 betting systems. The whole chapter is dedicated to discipline – the pledge of success in any casino game.

Secrets of Winning Baccarat
Brian Kayser         Category: Baccarat         Price on Amazon: $13.16

Learn effective baccarat basic strategy with Brian Kayser, the author of Secrets of Winning Baccarat. His book describes basic betting strategy, tests it and teaches how to apply it. Another point he sheds light on is baccarat odds and advanced baccarat strategies for serious baccarat players. © 2020 All Rights Reserved