How to Choose Your Game

This guide will serve a good turn to novices in online gambling who want to put their luck at test but simply do not know what game to play. We will try to provide you with information that will clearly state the benefits and disadvantages of the most popular casino games. After the choice is made, you can read more about this game in the section Casino Games where you will find game basics, tips, strategy and probabilities.

Basically all casino games fall into two categories: table, machine and wheel games. Machine-based games include include slots and video poker, with keno also fitting loosely into that category. Table games in their turn fall into card and dice games. Card games are Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Pai Gow, Casino War and Red Dog; dice games include Craps and Sic Bo; wheel games are Roulette and Big Six.


This is a game played between player and virtual dealer, the object of the game is to get the hand that has a value of 21 points or close (worth more than the dealer's hand) without exceeding 21.


  • The game is very easy to play
  • The success depends upon skills as well as luck
  • By following the basic blackjack strategy the advantage is around the one-percent mark; and if you count cards, you can even beat the house.
  • There exist basic strategy that increases your chance to win
  • There is broad variety of choices in terms of play and you have complete control over the decisions you make


  • High house advantage


Here a metallic ball is cast into a wheel that has numbers of alternating colors in it. Players wager on where the ball is going to settle on depending on your wager.


  • Relaxing game with simple play
  • Wide range of bets


  • Roulette has a high house advantage. American Roulette offers 5.26 % edge instead of the 2.7 % advantage European games offer.


Slots outshine all other games in terms of popularity. A button is pushed and the slot machine spins its reels. If a winning combination hits, the player gets paid.


  • Game doesn't require any special skills
  • Slots offer jackpots


  • The outcome of the game depends upon mere luck
  • The game is monotonous and repetitive
  • Big house edge from up to 17%


This is a card game and the hand with the highest score wins; the highest possible score is 9 since scores of 10 or higher have the second digit dropped (so 10 is 0, 11 is 1 and so on).


  • Baccarat is a simple game to play
  • Baccarat has low house edge of only 1.24 percent.


  • Baccarat has strict rules you need to be aware of to play
  • Complex system of betting options


Craps is the king of dice games. Players wager on the result of dice rolls.


  • Some craps bets also have a very small house edge
  • The game is fast-paced
  • Multitude of bets (it can also be a disadvantage for novices)


  • The game has a whole unique vocabulary of its own plus a wide array of bets that intimidate new players. © 2020 All Rights Reserved