Year: 1998

Director: Mike Hodges

Cast: Clive Owen, Nick Reding

Jack (Clive Owen) is wearing the poker face dealing cards and ranks in chips, he is a croupier attitudinizing about gambling. He despises well-heeled punters (gamblers) who flock around his table, compulsively throwing away their money.
Although a resolute nongambler, he is profoundly infected by the games he oversees. Seduced by Bella (Kate Hardie), a waitress in the casino, Jack gets involved into a scheme by Jani de Villiers (Alex Kingston), a glamorous, amoral gambler he squires to a debauched weekend at Giles's country estate. For each ethical lapse, Jack invents a slippery rationalization. And by the end of the movie, he has begun spouting out the numerical odds of this or that happening in his life.

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