Pai Gow Poker: How to Play Pai Go Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a kind of poker that combines skill and luck, where player should cope with two card hands instead of just one, and bet that his hands are more advantageous than those of the dealer.

The five-card hand is called a "High Hand"

Pai Gow Poker Rules

You play online Pai Gow with a standard card deck. The game begins with the casino dealing seven cards to the player. The player must then divide the cards into two hands, one five-card hand and one two card hand. The two-card hand must have a lower value than the five-card hand and to win the player must win both hands. The dealer also gets 7 cards and will make one hand of five and another hand of two out of it. Even the most successful Pai Gow players are not safe from losing the game if the hand of the dealer has higher points. Playing Pai Gow online try to push in case you and the dealer share the spoils.

The five-card hand has a name a "High Hand" while two-card hand has a name "Low Hand". We state once again that to qualify, your Low Hand should have less value than the High Hand.

Pai Gow Poker Hand Ranks

Rank Hand Description
1 Five of a Kind Four Aces and a Joker
2 Royal Flush Five consecutive denomination cards of the same suit, starting from 10 and ending with an Ace-10,J,Q,K,A
3 Straight Flush Five consecutive denomination cards of the same suit
4 Four of a Kind Four cards of the same denomination
5 Full House A set of three cards of the same denomination plus a set of two cards of the same denomination
6 Flush Five non-consecutive denomination cards of the same suit
7 Straight Five consecutive denomination cards of different suit
8 Three of a Kind Three cards of the same denomination
9 Two Pairs Two sets of pairs of the same card denomination
10 One Pair Two cards of the same denomination

Pai Gow House Edge

Winnings paid to the player are even minus a 5% commission. If the player risked $50, the winning hand would return the risk amount plus an additional $45. The game will round up to the next $0.25 when taking commissions.

As soon as you choose casino that has PaiGo available, take a good look at the rules of the game, some kind of tips and casino books offered. You can also find  a lot of online casinos that offer to "play for free" and you can practice playing the game. There's no better way to learn Pai Gow not risking your money. Gamble smart! © 2021 All Rights Reserved