Diner`s Club

Diners Club

Available to US Players

The Diners Club is known as the first credit card and still remains among the best longstanding charge cards offering tremendous services and benefits to its card holders.
What's Hot
  • Impeccable customer service
  • Excellent rewards program
  • High speed of transactions
  • Multi language customer service
What's Not
  • Limited US acceptance
  • High transaction fees

The Diners Club Card is considered to be the first Charge Card. The advantage of the card is that there are no sign-up charges or fees but as far as the transactions are concerned, the fees are high for both the merchant and the cardholder. Diners Club is thought to be one of the world’s leading safe payment methods.

Since the Diners Club card is a charge card, it works in a different way from usual credit cards. This card is exclusive and among other details the clients have to give a proof of their income. The clients of Diners Club must repay the total amount stated on the bill. This is not the case with credit cards where cardholders can choose to pay a minimum amount.

Another privilege this charge card gives to the cardholders is the package of additional services like free airport lounge access or Executive Golf Club membership.

Top Diners Club Casinos

# Casino   Score Bonus Match Review
1. Rome Rome 8.1 $5000 100% review
CasinoDoc Score 8.5
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  • Available: International
  • Transaction Fee: No
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