Profitable Roulette Strategy

Learn secrets to increase your winning odds

It seems that everybody, who ever played any game, can give you a piece of advice on a better play. Everybody has his own strategy, but there is an old saying "One man's meat is another man's poison." Before listening and following other people's words you need to be convinced that they can be trusted and you also need to check that before investing your money in it. Gambling can be a very expensive activity.

Strategy Tips

The professionals, who know so much about gambling roulette and saw a lot in their life of the gambler, can share their experience with the beginners. Let us read roulette strategy tips and make our own conclusions.

  • 1. First of all, try to find the roulette, which offers a "Surrender" option. This option provides some kind of safety to the players, as it secures you from losing money, if they bet on the evens but 0 or 00 comes up. That is why this option is highly appreciated among the players.
  • But you should always remember this fact: no matter what probabilities you have in the outside bets, the payoffs are not high. So, you spend more time at the table by winning less.
  • 2. If you want to choose the bets that bring the less possible advantage to the house, then you should bet on low-odds and even-money.
  • 3. All the professionals, who spent the years at the roulette table say, "If you do not want to lose your head, you should make a budget for gambling and stick to it." You ask why? Well, because it is a first step to discipline. If you set a certain amount of money to play for one time, it will be easier for you to quit. You set the sum you can afford to spend. If you keep gambling even after, you will lose everything.
  • 4. "En Prison" rule. Try to find the roulette tables that operate with this rule. It means, if you bet on evens but 0 comes up ("En Prison" rule is not possible in American roulette), you do not lose your bet. It stays on its place until the next spin. The next spin decides the outcome of the bet.
  • 5. What concerns American roulette, you should avoid making Five-number bet (the one that includes 0, 00, 1, 2, 3) as it gives the largest advantage to the house and less chances to you to win.
  • 6. Try looking for the casinos which have European roulette, as this kind of roulette is half the American roulette's house edge, that stands at a rate of 2.7 percent. © 2020 All Rights Reserved