Slots Books

Before You Buy Gambling Books

  • Define what you want to learn
  • Determine your skill level
  • Think about the price
  • Look up info about the authors

Famous Authors

Read the article about Victor Royer, one of the world best known gambling writers and columnists.

Editor's Choice Slots Book

Break the One-Armed Bandits   by Frank Scoblete

  • Features the methods of play from experts in the field
  • Explains which denomination of machine is the loosest

Frank Scoblete is the authority to read on the subject, it is a great reading both for experts and rookies

Recommended books for gamblers

For Beginners

Slot Machine Strategy: Winning Methods for Hitting the Jackpot
MacIntyre Symms         Category: Slots         Price on Amazon: $8.62

The book covers relatively wide range of topics starting from the types of slot machines, legalities and illegalities, mathematic side of the game to the profiles of slot machine winners and the history of slot machines.

Secrets of Winning Slots
Avery Cardoza         Category: Slots         Price on Amazon: $12.30

The book covers all information about slot machines starting from the history of the slot machines, its elements and different types of slot machines to detailed explanation of 20 slots winning strategies. This is the must have for all serious slots players.

John Patrick On Slots
John Patrick         Category: Slots         Price on Amazon: $12.95

John Patrick, the author of the book John Patrick on Slots, answers all questions the novice in playing slots may ever have like whether it is possible to win at slots. He tells in details the history of slots, dedicates the whole section to money management and discipline.

Beat the Slots!
Marten Jensen         Category: Slots         Price on Amazon: $9.95

Slots are the most popular casino game and no wonder that millions of players all over the world are looking for the successful strategy to increase their winning ratio. Marten Jensen in his book reveals many slot secrets including the advice on how to choose the most profitable machine.

For Advanced Players

Powerful Profits From Slots
Victor Royer         Category: Slots         Price on Amazon: $11.66

How to Become a Smart Slot Player is a comprehensive guide to the world of slot machines, it tells about reel slots, progressives and video slots and of course the keys to winning, including advice on bankroll management and slot machine selection. © 2020 All Rights Reserved