Sportsbooks in PA Online

Sportsbooks in PA Online

How to choose the right sportsbooks in PA? This is perhaps the most complex question, as if you were asking us to solve the squaring of the circle. In fact, we can say that our “bet like a pro” space is dedicated to this question.

If you are asking yourself the question related to the best PA sports book, you are on the right path. As is often the case when faced with an almost empirical question, it must be posed in the negative form. Once you know how not to choose a bet, you will have less way to go, less possibility and above all less chance of making mistakes.

This article will compile the information that you can find in more detail in the current online sports betting guide for PA.

Top PA Sportsbooks


If you are wondering why you bet on BetMGM now, we will try to answer this question briefly in this first part. Of course we are not going to divulge everything either, to find out more, you will have to read our complete review!

The arrival on the site of BetMGM only takes one look to see that it is a serious bookmaker and a design platform.

The interface is very simple visually, but equipped with exceptional technology, which allows you to navigate through the different sections and the different universes with extraordinary simplicity.

Thanks to this operator, you will understand why it is so easy to bet on the internet in PA. More than twenty sports are offered, with the most famous such as

  • Football
  • Ice Hockey or
  • Basketball,

on which you can place a bet in just a few seconds.

The odds are very interesting and above all, the types of bets go straight to the point and allow you to put in place your best strategies.


Parx is one of the big names in online sports betting. The site has been found to offer quality, safe and user-friendly service.

They have a great welcome bonus offer for their new players, giving you a great start in your betting experience. It is important to note that the sportsbook is also authorized and regulated by recognized authorities around the world.

Transactions are simple and fast, allowing you to easily deposit or withdraw money from your account. Register today on the Parx PA sportsbook website and take advantage of its exceptional welcome offer!


Unibet has no flaw in the breastplate. But, beyond an absence of weaknesses, the site can above all rely on real added value.

First this first class mobile application. At a time when everything is done and undone on smartphones, Unibet has clearly taken a step ahead.

The quality of streaming matches can also lead to registration, especially for those who do not have the TV channels that broadcast certain matches.

An element that we don't talk about much but which weighs heavily in the end. And finally there are these really competitive odds, at least on major sports.

What’s more, you will be satisfied to see some more advantages of Unibet in PA:

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Fluidity of navigation
  • Video streaming like on the website
  • Pre-match and live stats
  • Full account management.


Betway is one of the biggest players in the sports betting industry. It offers a wide range of markets for all major sports in the world, as well as several niche sports.

Thanks to its very simple and pleasant format, it is very easy to navigate the Betway website.

The navigation is fast and you can access very precise information to help you in your thoughts and predictions such as statistics, team compositions, types of bets etc...

You can also bet from your mobile thanks to the online version or via their mobile application available directly on the Betway website.


Foxbet is one of the latest sports betting sites to hit the PA betting market. Even though they have not been entrenched in the market for many years, reviews of players and users are already mostly positive or even excellent, which is a guarantee of quality after only a few months of activity.

Foxbet is already one of the benchmarks for online sports betting in the country. Foxbet sports betting is recognized by the most regular players and continues to attract a large number of new players every day.

The site offers everything expected of a sports betting site these days, namely a quality Foxbet Sportsbook, a significant Foxbet Bonus, excellent customer service and other particularly attractive offers.

This is the case with very often boosted odds, in particular through the combi-boost offered by the site.


The FanDuel app and site have experienced a rise in the PA online betting sector. Building on this initial success, the operator then decided to launch into online sports betting in 2019. Moreover, FanDuel now offers its services to players in Pennsylvania.

The service unlocks such advantages for the PA online sports betting sites users as:

  • The many tournaments organized on the site
  • Promotions offered each week
  • The really practical mobile version
  • Many betting possibilities
  • Customer service open 24/7
  • Fully secure transactions.

Methodology of Choosing a Sports Betting Pennsylvania


If this is your first experience in sports betting, you will certainly be able to find approved platforms in PA that match your profile on this page. Each of the betting apps/sites is licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

It is recommended to choose an ergonomic online betting platform in order to benefit from a clearer navigation. This is also the best way to avoid making mistakes due to a poorly thought out site.

Number of Sports to Bet on

The choice of the site to bet depends mainly on the sports on which one wishes to bet. If you are a gambler on classic sports, such as football, basketball, tennis, etc., you will have no problem finding a bookmaker that will meet your expectations.

However, if you are a connoisseur of rarer sports like rowing or curling, you will probably have to dig a little deeper to find the right site.

Bonus Offers in PA Betting

Most of PA online sports betting sites offer a welcome bonus to new members registered on their platform. This bonus allows the user to benefit from a certain amount of money, in addition to his initial deposit, after his registration on the sports betting platform.

Other operators offer to refund your first bet, whether it's a winner or a loser, nice isn't it? You can find out more by reading this Betclic review which tells you everything about this operator and will also allow you to compare with other reviews on this comprehensive site.

Comparison of Odds on PA Sports Betting Sites

The odds are the main point to take into account when you want to choose your sports betting site. Sites such as Unibet or Parx have always been the leaders in this sector. However, since the opening of the market to new competitors, better odds can be found depending on the sport.

Finding the right PA sports betting result of a sporting event allows you to win your sports bet. But, playing your money where the coast is the most interesting allows you to pocket even more money. To do this, simply use the odds comparators.

Client Service

The platform must provide quality customer service, and provide the customer with the information necessary for an informed bet.

It is true that most sites provide their visitors (future bettors, therefore prospects) with means of getting in touch with them either by telephone, by email or by instant discussions.

The best customer service should incorporate a live chat feature at all times, so that there is always someone to respond to your concerns instantly.

Types of Bets at PA Online Sportsbooks

What types of bets are the most profitable when it comes to online sports betting PA? This is the question of the million dollars! The objective of our sports betting guide is to make you win money.

On a simple bet, it is quite doable. However, as soon as you spice up your choice a little more, by opting for a riskier bet, the stakes of the match will increase as well as the sums of money you can win.

It's a fact, online sportsbooks innovate every day to offer you remarkable services. This is also the case for sports betting. From now on, you no longer only have to select the result of 10 sports matches to win. Your possibilities of earning money are much greater with the PA sports betting online.

Here is an overview of the bets available on sports betting sites. Use them according to your level, for a guaranteed victory.

Simple Bets

You will have to select a sporting event to bet on the final result. For sports like soccer, you have 3 possible outcomes. For other options like tennis, there are only 2 outcomes to bet on. The single bet is the most basic bet there is. So start calmly by placing your money on this type of online bet.

The Draw Bet

A strategic bet to discover.

Combined Bets

You will have to use the terms of the single bet to accumulate several sports matches on the same coupon. The odds will multiply together to offer you a potential gain much higher than the average. Be careful though, because a mistake could cost you dearly.

Live Bets

Even if they come in several forms, live bets are a good way to vary the pleasures. Indeed, you can wait for the course of the sporting meeting to place the best possible bet. The odds change according to the game situations, which gives you many opportunities to win money.

Long-term Bets

Who will be the grand champion of your favorite competition? You can guess that, long before the start of this event, by placing long-term bets.

If you block the money of your bet on the bookmaker, the time of the final outcome of the competition, the winnings you can win are much larger than for other types of bets!

Half-time and End-of-match Bets

To hope to win money on half-time and end-of-match bets, you will have to try to guess the result of the match at the end of the 1st half. time, but also that of the end of the match.

This bet can be very dangerous for players since they will make their bets profitable only if the two predictions turn out to be winners. A real expert's bet in short!

Scorecast Bets

Scorecast bets are a combination of two other types of bets: the bet on the first goalscorer as well as the exact score bet. Thus, if you wish to place a Scorecast bet, you will have to try to guess the name of the player who will score the first point of the match, as well as the final score of the competition.

The Scorecast bet is therefore a rather complex bet to place which can bring you juicy sums of money in the event of good forecasts thanks to its very attractive odds.

First Goalscorer Bets

Once again, the objective of this bet can be understood with its simple statement! Indeed, bets on the first goalscorer consist, for the bettor, in trying to guess who will be the first player to score the first point of the match.

This bet can be very interesting for bettors if they decide to bet on a very heterogeneous team. Indeed, it will then be much easier to determine who among the favorites of the team will have the best chance of scoring the first point.

Double-chance Betting

A bet completely intended for beginners in the world of sports betting, it will be less exciting for experienced bettors, but still allows you to build up sure and progressive gains.

The principle of the double-chance bet is childish. It consists of betting either on the victory of one of the teams, as well as on the equality between the two adversaries of the meeting.

Exact Score Betting

You have to find the exact result of a sporting match. If your odds of winning may seem random, there are many tips for winning these predictions. In addition, the minimum odds for an “exact score” will be 6 on an online bookmaker.

Goalscorer Bets

as the name suggests, you will have to select the player who will score during the match. The opportunities to make money are increased tenfold, as will your winnings. This bet requires a good analysis of events.

Handicap Bets

If the odds of the favorites are sometimes very low, handicap bets allow you to increase them. Indeed, a team may leave with a disadvantage to make up for. These bets are very effective when your confidence index is at 100%.

Live In-game Betting on Pennsylvania Betting Apps

Choosing your PA sportsbook live in-game app is not always easy. You can quickly get lost between the different operator offers (welcome or deposit bonuses, free bets, etc.). Our mission here is to make it easier for you to find the best Pennsylvania legal sports betting sites we believe are the most interesting ones.

How to Deposit and Cash out at PA Online Sportsbooks

To deposit money into a player account, at a bookmaker, several means of payment are available. On the other hand, to withdraw money from your bank account, most of the time, bank transfer is the only possible option.

You will discover that there are specific conditions for bookmakers or payment intermediaries for deposits and withdrawals.

Do you know that some operators and some payment intermediaries from time to time levy fees on financial transactions. Fortunately, this practice is little developed.

A specific means of payment is sometimes a selection criterion for a sports betting PA platform or an online gaming operator in general, so it is useful to have the right information in order to make an informed choice.

Depositing on PA Betting Sites

Making a deposit or—in other words—crediting money to your Pennsylvania betting account is not complicated. Without money, it is impossible to win bets. No bets, no withdrawal of money.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Sign in your Pennsylvania online sportsbook account
  • Tap/Click on “my transactions”
  • Tap/Click on “manage my money”
  • Enter the amount you want to pay in “my balance”
  • Choose payment method
  • Tap/Click on “credit”.

So, no complex steps are required.

Cashing out from the PA Online Sportsbooks

Almost all the Pennsylvania online sportsbooks have the same procedure to withdraw your winnings from the sports betting account. What you have to do is as follows:

  • Sign into your online sports betting Pennsylvania account
  • Tap/Click on “my transactions”
  • Tap/Click on “manage my money”
  • Enter the desired amount in the “withdraw my winnings” section
  • Tap/Click on “validate”.

It may even seem that withdrawing your winnings is a bit easier than depositing. In any case, by choosing the legit apps and platforms for sports betting in Pennsylvania you will certainly succeed and have your money withdrawn.

Most Popular Sports to Wager on in PA

Now, a wide range of sports are available to you on the sports betting sites of the bookmakers. However, some sporting events are more attractive and profitable than others.

Each PA online sportsbook proposes the following sports to wager on as they are considered to be the most popular.


Football is the most popular sport in France and it is also the case in many other European countries. It is an exciting sport but when it comes to betting things get tricky because there are an infinite number of elements to take into consideration.

Rivalries and history between the teams, managerial injuries, reduction in the workforce, presence of decisive players, sequence of competitions, match away or at home, quality of the referee.

The decisive factors are numerous and betting on a football match requires a perfect knowledge of the chosen championship.

You should also know that the more bettors there are, the less the bookmakers facilitate the chances of winning. However, we already know that football attracts crowds in all four corners of the globe.


Basketball is another sport that is very difficult to predict and much admired in the Keystone state.

Moreover, by tradition, in basketball it is always the team that moves that appears at the beginning of the line of sports predictions.

Unlike football, playing away or at home has few consequences in basketball but it will of course be necessary to consider the injuries of certain players, the playing time and success of the executives, and the positioning of the team in the rankings.

Finally, remember that a draw is extremely rare in basketball.


Tennis is a sport that is easier to predict than the other two even if it is necessary to know a series of criteria before starting. At first, the player's ATP ranking often means nothing.

In tennis, you don't change places like in football. Some players remain first or second in the ranking without having played for 6 months due to an injury, for example.

Check player head-to-head stats as this is usually a very good indicator. Also check the qualities of the player on the respective surfaces (grass, clay, etc.).


A sport where betting for the favorites remains unprofitable. But the top-ranked players win their showdown nine out of ten times, which promises the player steady, albeit small, payouts.

Patient and methodical bettors will opt for boxing for this same reason. Combination bets are probably the most attractive for boxing because they allow you to bet on several possible circumstances and you should know that anything can happen in combat sports.

Pennsylvania sports betting sites generally offer all this sport, which is gaining notoriety.


An ultra-American sport, baseball offers particularly interesting odds as long as the analysis of the match on which you wish to bet is sufficiently coherent.

It is also a sport where the favorites do not always win and you will have to focus on the qualities of the various pitchers, the running power of the teams, the weather and of course the record of the group you want to support.

In MLB, all teams are equal despite the existence of favorites as in any sport. It is a sport where individualities can change the course of a match, which is why it is essential to be well documented before betting.

PA Sports Gambling Leagues

All of the sites and/or apps on sports betting online PA unlock countless opportunities to wager on the leagues.

As a result, if you are into sport betting PA, you will discover that you are eligible to bet on the following leagues, namely:

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Student competitions
  • MLB
  • CFB
  • PGA
  • EPL.

Of course, this is a limited list of the online betting PA options. When you sign up with a particular sportsbook in the state, you will dig out even more alternatives!

Responsible Gambling and PA Sports Betting

In its specifications for operators, the PGCB imposes a number of control mechanisms, including the age and identity of players. Added to this, there is a device for limiting stakes and moderating deposits.

All these actions are part of a process known as responsible gambling, a process generally very well respected by bookmakers. But beyond the legal aspect, the operators implement additional protection or specific actions.

The use of a sports betting site necessarily induces a use of its money. Money is hard to make, we all know that. Therefore, it is essential to know how to control your budget before discovering the offer of the bookmakers. Thus, a site must protect the so-called weaker people, who may show difficulties in controlling their expenses.

If you want to put limits on yourself, be aware that there is a monthly deposit limit available on the sites. You can activate this limit directly from your player account for your own protection.

Similarly, if you feel that you no longer control your expenses and that sports betting is turning into a real addiction, you can ask your favorite sports site to ban you from games on their platform. It may be easier to do this in a quiet moment, or supported by a loved one to support you in your approach.

If, in spite of all your efforts, you feel that you are sinking into too strong an addiction, do not hesitate to consult health professionals who are used to it and will know how to help you get through this ordeal more serenely.

History of PA Sports Betting

The 2017 Bill legalized the PA sports betting. Along with this, there were three types of sportsbooks allowed in the Keystone state:

  • Online Betting
  • Mobile Betting, and
  • Retail Betting.

The first sportsbook that got the official licenses by the state started to appear in 2018.

All the licenses for the sportsbook in PA are given exclusively by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Right after its beginning, the sportsbooks provided countless sports to wager on. The most popular of them are:

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball, and
  • Baseball.

Of course, there are many other alternatives in the sportsbook of PA, so be sure to try the ones that you really like and that you are aware of.

The retail sportsbooks also emerged, and for now there are 15 options for the PA gamblers, namely:

Sportsbook Location
BetRivers Philadelphia Rivers Casino, Philadelphia
BetRivers Pittsburgh BetRivers Casino, Pittsburgh
FanDuel Valley Forge Casino, King of Prussia
FanDuel Live! Casino, Philadelphia
FanDuel Live! Casino, Pittsburgh
Caesars Harrah’s, Philadelphia
Caesars Hollywood Casino, Grantville
Parx Parx Casino, Bensalem
BetFred Wind Creek Casino, Bethlehem
TwinSpires Presque Isle Downs & Casino, Erie
FOX Bet Mount Airy Casino, Mt Pocono
DraftKings The Meadows Sportsbook, Washington
Unibet Mohegan Sun Pocono, Wilkes-Barre
Unibet The Downs at Lehigh Valley, Allentown
Parx South Philadelphia Race and Sportsbook, Philadelphia

So, in PA, you may use either online or offline sportsbooks or combine those. Be sure to gamble responsibly in order to avoid any issues related to problem gambling.

Also, be sure to stick to the licensed betting ventures in order to bet legally and obtain winnings. The choice of the options that do not have a license by the PGCB will result in negative outcomes and possible fraud.


What does the best sports betting page have for you?

Every day, we offer you new tips for your sports betting, but also free predictions on each match and reviews dedicated to the best bookmakers.

What are the best sports betting sites in PA?

There are many quality sites in Pennsylvania. Nevertheless, we have a small preference for FanDuel, Betway and Unibet with regard to the advantages offered.

How to choose the ideal and reliable Pennsylvania sportsbooks?

In reality, this choice depends mainly on your expectations. On our side, we advise you to check the legality of the bookmaker, the range of bets offered, the odds available, the amount of bonuses and the advantages offered.

Is it possible to create an account from a sports betting application?

Yes, sure. You can download the application for free and then create a player account, from your phone or tablet.

How to benefit from a Pennsylvania online sports betting welcome bonus on mobile?

To receive your bonus on mobile, the conditions are the same as on the computer. Create your account, make a first deposit and start betting. Your first losing bet will be refunded, or part of your stakes will be returned to you. It all depends on the bookmaker you have chosen. Your refund can be used on all media, mobile and desktop.

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