Video Poker Books

Before You Buy Gambling Books

  • Define what you want to learn
  • Determine your skill level
  • Think about the price
  • Look up info about the authors

Famous Authors

Read about Bob Dancer, most famous video poker book writer who tripled the game popularity.

Editor's Choice Video Poker Book

Million Dollar Video Poker   by Bob Dancer

  • Absorbing real stories
  • Effective bankroll management techniques
  • A number of useful strategies

Bob Dancer is a unicum in gambling world. He won about $1 million playing video poker. In his book he gives Video Poker Strategy Cards and Winners Guides.

Recommended books for gamblers

For Advanced Players

The Undeniable Truth About Video Poker
Rob Singer         Category: Video Poker         Price on Amazon: n/a

The Video Poker player shares his rich experience in the book The Undeniable Truth about Video Poker. His recommendations are unique and do not repeat the commonplace truth well known to average players.

The Video Poker Edge: How to Play Smart and Bet Right
Linda Boyd         Category: Video Poker         Price on Amazon: $12.21

Linda Boyd, a math teacher in the past, has developed mathematical approach to video poker. Apart from this she offers the information on which hands to play, which types of video poker games offer better chances of payouts for large and small bankrolls and betting strategies. © 2020 All Rights Reserved