Useful Video Poker Strategy

One of the most exciting games in casino, Video Poker is an intelligent game with fast pace for the players who want to add a bit more substance tor their gambling enjoyment. In this section we have decided to give a video poker strategy presented in the list of practical recommendation that will help you to increase your winning ratio irrespective of the type of the game you play. You are also advised to read video poker tips. Some pieces of advice may seem obvious to you, but you would be surprised how many people ignore them.

Video Poker Solutions

Never break a straight to draw to a flush
  • If you are dealt a hand in which you need just a single card to make Royal Flush, Flush, Straight, or Straight Flush - you have to replace the card that does not fit into the needed sequence of cards.
  • If you are dealt a hand that contains one pair, then you have to replace the other three cards that do not make up the pair. Don't keep any other card. God knows why, but some people think that since a machine pays off for Jacks or better, they should keep a Jack or higher with their pair. That doesn’t work in most cases.
  • If you are dealt a hand with two pairs, then the card to replace is the one that is not contained in either pair.
  • If you are dealt three cards of the same kind, replace the two cards that are not one of the three.
  • Always break a flush to draw to a royal flush.
  • If you have a Jack or better, never draw 5 cards.
  • If you are dealt a hand with a pair but it also contains four cards that could be used to make up a Royal Flush, Flush, Straight, or Straight Flush but it lacks one card, keep the pair and replace the other three cards.
  • Don't draw to inside Straights. That is, if you have 4, 5, 7, 8, K, don't replace the king and go for the Straight. If you keep the King, you could get anything from nothing to a pair of kings and up-including the royal Flush.
  • Keep any kind of four-card draw that leads to a high payback (Straight Flush, Royal Flush, five of a Kind).
  • Never break a straight to draw to a flush.
  • Keep all Flushes and Straights unless the Flush can turn into a royal Flush.
  • Never draw 4 cards if you can draw 3 to a royal flush.
  • Always hold a full house, five of a Kind, four of a Kind, a Straight Flush and a royal Flush.
  • Never hold a kicker when holding a pair. (The term ‘kicker’ is used in poker to define a high card that does not form a pair with the other cards in the hand. Players can hold a kicker to determine the winner in case of a tie in poker. A fundamental rule in video poker strategy is not to retain a kicker card). Try not to ignore this video poker strategy comprised of a number of recommendations. © 2020 All Rights Reserved